Monday, June 8, 2009

Week = Fail!

Yesterday wrapped another week in my training. This week can be summed up in one work - FAIL. I had 14 miles on the schedule. But, I woke stiff and sore. My quads were *really* tired. My lower back was sore and my left buttock was producing some sharp pain. But most concerning to me was the burning sensation I would feel every now and then in my left shin and the sharp pain inside my left knee. I've been visited by the latter before in my life. The telltale signs of tendinitis.

So - it was decision time. Go out and do an easy 14 miles? Keep it really slow and easy? Or take a rest day, which, coupled with Monday's plan, would give me a couple of back to back rest days. Well - for me the decision was pretty cut and dry. One day of extra rest cost me 14 miles. One day of running with tendinitis and other little tweaks and niggles bothering me could put me on the shelf for a couple weeks. So, I took a day off. That means last week's number were rather pathetic - 15.2 miles total.

I am also letting this be my lesson that when it's time for new shoes it's time for new shoes! I was trying to squeeze some extra miles out of my old shoes since I only have about 300 miles on them. With the longer distances, it appears (and smells) like my shoes have gotten and stayed wet. I'll watch my new shoes to make sure that they get a chance to dry out between runs!

What I've done is moved last week's training to this week, with a minor adjustment for a 5K on Saturday:

Monday - Rest day. Going to take it off completely to give my legs and knee a rest
Tuesday - 8 mile GA. Finish up with 10 x 100 stride outs
Wednesday - 5 mile recovery. Hit the gym for stretching and core work.
Thursday - 9 mile GA
Friday - Rest day.
Saturday - Magic Shoe 5K. Tack on a couple miles warm up/warm down. Hit the gym for stretching and workout.
Sunday - 14 mile long run
Total: 41 miles


  1. Ha ha ha, fail, I love it. But you were not a fail glenn! :) Don't worry, sometimes it's just hard to fit everything back in, you'll be back in the swing of things soon :)

  2. Sorry about the tough week, I am coming off a bad week myself, and I don't even have injury to blame!

    Still, it sounds like you made the right decision to rest the knee. Better to miss one run than ten.

  3. Getting some miles in instead of non is definitely not a fail. Always better to be careful when it comes to the spectre of injury. Good luck on your training next week

  4. definitely wise to rest and not risk a potential injury. shake it off and hit it hard this week!

  5. I usually give up my shoes after 300 miles. People say you can wear them longer but I always start to feel it.

  6. I'm stilling trying to get past the term, "Easy 14 miles." Is that even possible?

    Maybe your week has been tough, but you are still awesome! You'll be back... I know it.

    Take care of the knee!