Thursday, June 4, 2009

Missed Another Day

Yesterday was kind of a typical day in flight. Full planes. Delays. I think what has happened with the airlines is that these days of tough economic times is that cuts in expenses were made by cutting back on the number of flights offered. The upshot is fewer flights and fuller planes. Better for the airlines. Not for fliers though.

Bottom line is I got home a little later than planned. I still had plenty of time to get in my planned five miles, but I just was not in the right frame of mind. So National Running Day was out the window. I settled in for a quiet evening at home instead.

I've adjusted this week's plan accordingly. Instead of a 42 mile week, I'll end up with a 29 mile week instead. Today I'll pick up where things left off - a 9 mile GA run. Back to the swing of things!


  1. You are correct, this will be my final horray before entering the real world and I am going to soak it up for all its worth! lol

    Good luck with the run today! Hope it goes well!

  2. Traveling can take a lot out of you!!! I never enjoy flying-- plus-- after reading your last post it sounded like you did a lot of running around the great state of Texas this week-- You deserve a break!

  3. I hate spending all day on planes! It sucks and it has gotten worse!!! See you on saturday! i'll have my red with black polka dot skirt on! I have to register on saturday morning so I have to get there earlier-yikes...I've been sleeping in late, I hope I can rise super early!!

  4. No get in plenty of miles.

    About your comment on my blog. I go to RRS regularly...and have them watch me run almost every time I buy shoes (just to see if my gait has changed). I get the same result almost every time...I'm an overpronator. I think I'm off to a podiatrist now :-)

    Thanks for the advice. I need all the help I can get.

  5. I'm worried as to how to get running in when I travel...

  6. eh, you'll be alright. better to just continue on with the plan than try to make up the miles, especially with your run/xt rotations. r&r after traveling is always much needed.