Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cross Training Fat Guy

It's been a while since I've spent time cross training. The last couple of opportunities to do so found me with sore legs and tired spirit. But yesterday I felt pretty good, so I had no excuse. I made it home from the office, hopped on my ergometer, and ripped through 35 minutes of rowing.

The basic workout was 5 minute warm up followed by 20 sets of 1 minute on 30 seconds rest. Sounds like a basic interval workout on the track doesn't it! Well, it was. My intervals started with 5 at a moderate 2:15 per 500 meters at stroke rate 18, then 5 at a 2:05 at stroke rate 24, followed by 5 at 2:15 at 18 spm and finally 5 intervals at 1:55 at 28 spm. (Sorry for the foreign language runners. Rowers out there will understand.) Total damage - 5.75 kms on the erg. I was literally dripping and my legs were shaking when I got up off that little seat. W. H. E. W. !!!!!!

I'm back to the trails today with a slow and easy six mile recovery run. I wonder about a week that *begins* with a recovery run. Hmmm....


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  2. Great cross-training session. It's one of those things that tends to disappear from the horizon.

  3. Oh hey, XT. I knew I was forgetting something. :p Does sitting at a swim up bar count towards that? Because that's the only XT I seem to be getting in... oh well, it'll have to do I guess. :)

  4. I love rowing :) Haha - at my gym, our rowing machine has little games on it - the fish one is my favorite - you have to increase your rows to go above the sharks, and decrease to go below them, and you can eat little fish for points. haha, i hope we're talking about the same type of rowing or im going to feel like an idiot :)

  5. nice job on the erg! it can be a good workout, but i don't think i could push myself quite the same on it anymore... too many early mornings of being yelled at and all ;)

    bring on the 55 miles!

  6. Well done on the cross training. A good reminder to be not so running focused. I walked today as my cross training - but really need to get my bike fixed...