Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 11 in the Books

I wrapped up week 11 yesterday with an *easy* 5 mile recovery run. I emphasize easy, because I kept the effort pretty low key. Just like yesterday I stopped on the trail and chatted with a family friend. Who said that running is not a social activity? I finished up by making it to the gym for stretching and core work. Final stats on last week - 48.5 miles.

This week is supposed to be my first week ever above 50 miles. But I have a whirlwind business trip to El Paso, so I'll end up having to forgo Wednesday and Thursday's runs. This week stacks up like this:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Was supposed to be a 6 mile recovery run. I'm putting Wednesday's run here instead - 3 1/2 mile general aerobic warm up, 6X800 intervals at 10K pace, 400 rest in between, 1 mile warm down for a total of 9 miles.
Wednesday: Aluminum tube to El Paso
Thursday: Aluminum tube back to Orange County
Friday: Rest day. Daughter's 21st birthday dinner with family (in other words I better not run).
Saturday: 18 mile long run
Sunday: 6 mile recovery run. Hit they gym.
Total mileage: 33 miles

So, the elusive 50 mile week is still tantalizingly close. But then a year ago, I never would have thought that it was even possible.

Finally, thanks for all the concern about running alone! I do belong to a running club (Cal Coast Track Club) that meets for long runs on Saturday mornings. But there are two things working against me. First, I'm using a training plan that the club is not - so I'm out of whack with everyone else. Second, three to four hours running is a big time investment. I'd rather do it early and get it over before the rest of family is up and moving around so they don't have to suffer the wrath of my schedule. Running alone is something I've brought on myself.

Plus - it's not as bad as it could be. I use the time to catch up on news and current events. While most people listen to music while running, I listen to a couple of podcasted radio shows: the Phil Hendrie Show and Coast to Coast AM. I can listen to some news, comedy, and things that go bump in the night. Out of curiosity - what do you all do to work through the boredom of hours on the trails and paths?


  1. How can you already be on week 11? I'm on week 11! I got the ROAD ID for my shoe, and everyone is much happier that I've got it. My TNT group starts at 7am also, which by 10 is way too late. I like 5am.

  2. oh man don't rush to that 50 mile week! lol! great job though.

  3. I am sure you will get the 50 mile week in! keep up the great work!

  4. Doing long runs without entertainment does get rather boring.

    I am into audiobooks (currently Harry Potter), and podcasts. Though there are not too many computer security podcasts, the Risky Business podcast is great fun (

  5. I used to listen to music on my Sunday morning long runs, but, like you, discovered I run more smoothly and the time passes more quickly when listening to podcasts. I feel a little more enlightened by the end of the run too.

  6. Wowsers, I was excited about my 50 miles for the month so far, and here you gotta go talking about getting that mileage in (soon) in a week! I think you may beat me to the 1,000 mile goal with mileage like that! :)

  7. Great Job Glenn!

    I just realized what you meant by "Aluminum tube" -- funny!

    Will you be running in El Paso?

  8. You are going on my blog roll as well sir :)

    Despite my pathetic (hahaha) 31 mile week last week, im ALSO pushing for a 50 mile week this week! i feel sorry for you on your 18 mile day though! i know you can do this though!!
    today i did 8, and i think im going to alternate - 8,7,8,7,8,7, and then 5 on sunday for a total of 50. we can do it :)

    and despite saftey issues (i guess i should be more concerned with running alone, since im a girl...but i still run alone lol), i also prefer running early, and dont even mind running alone. it gives me time to think, and when i get back home, it gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment that i've already run x amount of miles and some people havent even started their day yet.

    haha ive never even thought of listening to radio podcasts. honestly, i used to bring my ipod on runs..but anymore, i dont use anything, mostly because its usually still pretty cold in the mornings and having something in my ear when its cold gives me an ear ache..but i generally just think. and sometimes ill be running, and i actually start to think, about what im thinking about, and realize im not thinking about anything, just enjoying each step on the track.

    good luck with your goal this week! keep us updated!!

  9. Just saying hi! I have nothing to offer in this department! I'm only running 3.5 miles as of today. By the time I start's OVER! lol

  10. The step back in mileage this week might be kind of good for you. You've been working hard. Now you'll be fresher for a charge toward 50 next week.

    I've been fortunate enough to have one regular running partner for the long runs so far. I remember the long runs in the past were very boring and hard. They've been much easier running with someone else and I find myself running faster than I would if I were alone.

  11. i like that you aren't going to worry about trying to squeeze in the 50 this week - that's def what my hard head and i would do! better to chill out this week and go for the 50 next week.

    i usually just let my mind wander wherever it desires on long runs. sometimes if i have goal paces to hit i'll be less day-dreamy and more focused on my effort levels. if in the event i have a friend to run with, i welcome the company and whatever pace he/she wants to run! i'm pretty easy to run with, i think :)

  12. I listen to lots of music, but sometimes I listen to podcasts of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" (NPR)...although sometimes that makes me laugh...which is hard to do when you're running :-)