Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mid Year Checkpoint

I have time to do a lot of thinking these days. That happens when you have a couple hours to yourself each day. At least it seems like I've got a couple hours to myself as I ply the trails of Orange County. So, I thought about the running goals I set out at the beginning of the year as I jogged my recovery miles yesterday:

(1) Build my base to 35 - 45 miles per week: I think I'm finally there. So far this year I'm averaging 29 miles per week. For the next 12 weeks I'll be up above 40. This is tough! I'm in awe of those folks that are putting in 60+ per week.

(2) Put in 1500 miles during the year: As of the end of June, I've put in 750 miles. Assuming I can stay injury free, the rest of this training cycle will add another 600 or so miles in, so this goal is certainly attainable. The key is staying injury free.

(3) Run one marathon: Got one on the calendar. What was I thinking? I don't drink so I can't blame the alcohol.

(4) Keep it fun!: So far so good. My comment about a couple hours to myself each day is only partly in jest. Two hours in running shoes seeing the same scenery day after day can turn things boring pretty quickly.

So, just like a lot of the advice I dole out to others, I'm keeping my nose to the grindstone. I put in my 5 recovery miles at an average heart rate of 73% of max. I've got some tweaks and niggles starting. I did make it to the gym for some stretching last night, so I'm hoping Wednesday's DOMS starts subsiding. Plus the Motrin should help. It sucks getting old!


  1. "Keep it fun." Absolutely.

    As I enter this comment, I'm sort of thinking that I beat AKA Alice here.


  2. wow! looking great on those goals. progress my friend, progress.

  3. I have to agree. Changing up your running route definitely keeps it fun. I've realized after running the same route a few times, that I got bored and my running suffered because of it. So, now I've been finding other routes and exploring our neighborhood.

  4. You have worked out the best schedule-- How could you get bored? Everyday is something different for you-- I hope to be there soon... I learn from each of your posts

  5. Your avg # of ks per week is awesome! I struggle to do 40.
    Keeping it fun and healthy is the main thing.

    So right!

  6. Awesome goals & progress!! And in your post you mentioned it sucks getting old...better than the alternative, my friend!
    I'm finally starting to see what you mean by a "easy" run. While none of my runs are easy, I've been motivated by your writing such crazy words. And I have to say...they're getting easier.

  7. We are on the same page with #1 and #4! Both goals of mine as well. :) They're good ones, too!

  8. Wow- what a have motivated me to make some for myself. How did you come up with your goals though? Wonder what you took into consideration. You're doing great! Christine

  9. great progress on the goals so far! i'm sure you will be 4-for-4 in a few more months. i am most excited that you are enjoying your running - that is the most important!