Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Six More Miles Down

Oh the boredom! Oh the monotony! Even though I'm still new to the whole running scene, I've have been through this before. The toughest part of a training cycle. The middle weeks. It's kind of like being a Sophomore in college. One year is behind you, but you can't see the end yet. Same with these weeks of training. Behind me is a lot of running - about 400 miles or so the past 12 weeks. I know out there on the horizon is a marathon - that's why I'm doing all of this. But I can't quite see it. And for now it's just a mash of miles and miles and miles. Seems like I can't get out the door, do my run, and back in less than 2 hours. Such is the commitment of the marathon. It's the hours and miles that I'm doing today. And tomorrow. And the day after.....

Speaking of which, yesterday I put in 6 recovery miles. Felt comfortable the whole way. Average pace of 10:03 at an average heart rate of 75% of max. Today I'll be out for 11 miles - 5 miles general aerobic followed by 6 miles at half marathon pace.

Sorry for the lack of juicy tidbits or stories today, but not much else other than work and run are happening! Facebook and the Runner's World Forums have become just a thing of the past at this point. It's pretty much me, the office, and the trails. Oh - and Twitter....


  1. ugh. marathon training sounds like such a time commitment (obviously) but still.... :( I have to race about once a month or I get booooooooooooored. but I only like to race if I feel like I'm top shape for the distance I'm racing, so it should be interesting to see how training goes for my first full. for now I'll just keep reading about yours, and be happy I'm doing a half. :D

  2. hey Glenn, thanks for all the little tidbits and comments recently! Glad your training is going well!

  3. You're doing so great Glenn! I can imagine this is the hardest part- sticking with the running regardless of whether you want to run or not. Just keep your eyes on the prize!

  4. We must be sharing a brain today. I got nothing but office and running. LOL!

  5. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in its petty pace from day to day ...

    Your post reminded me of that soliloquy in Macbeth.

    Your dedication is admirable. Keep cranking out the miles.

  6. Marathon training indeed sounds like a very time-consuming proposition. Still, I reckon it's not the 42K you run in 1 go during the race, it's the whole preparation leading up to it that makes running a marathon such an enormous feat of perseverance.

    Great work on getting all those miles in!

  7. As a sophomore in college, i know what you mean! haah. Ahh, you're ALMOST there...just a little bit further.

    Mel at Tall Mom mentioned training/running a marathon in comparison to the trimesters of being pregnant/giving birth. look on the bright will never have to experience that :)

  8. lol about your sophomore comment!!

    the doldrums of these next few weeks will pay off, you know that! if you start getting too bored try to throw in a group run?

    marathon training does take a lot but then when it's over sometimes i feel like "that's it? now what?" all of a sudden your brain can think about things other than mileage and you can schedule more things in your life than a 3 hour run. sometimes i think i like the journey TO the marathon better than the actual marathon itself... sometimes :)