Monday, July 20, 2009

Half Way Done!

I am now at the half way point of my training plan. Twelve weeks down. Twelve to go. I wrapped up last week with a six mile recovery run and some time in the gym late yesterday evening. Final stats for last week - 33.25 miles. They weren't fast and they weren't pretty, but they were. My long run on Saturday was a pretty humbling experience, but one of those every now and then doesn't hurt.

This week should put some hair on my chest. It will be my first week ever over 50 miles:

Monday: Rest.
Tuesday: 6 recovery miles
Wednesday: 11 miles total - 5 general aerobic miles, 6 half marathon pace miles
Thursday: 13 medium long miles
Friday: Rest (I'll need it)
Saturday: 20 miles (first of three on this plan)
Sunday: 5 recovery miles

Total: 55 miles.

The plan: with exception of 6 HMP miles, it's slow and easy for Glenn this week!


  1. That's a heck of a week Glenn! It's a tough time of year to be doing 20 milers...Will you start at 4am?

  2. Way to go Glenn! The payoff will be so worth it when you cross that finish line. Soon the 'meat' of your training will be over and you'll be tapering. ahhh the joys!

  3. uff da. good luck gearing up for the 20 this weekend!

    And I think you're right with your comment on my post. My body was maaaaaaaaaaad that it didn't get any deep fat fried deliciousness. Whoops! :D

  4. Good luck this week!!

    thanks for the encouraging comment on the blog...I'm pretty sure its not ITBS and ive started doing quad strengthening exercises at might plus lots of stretching. We will see how it goes. I have random pain before and sometimes its caused by the oddest thing!

  5. I wouldn't call 55 mi/week "slow and easy." Good luck on Saturday.

  6. danggg dude. you're flyin! half way done!! i shall be thinking of you on saturday when im doing my 'nice and easy' 6 miler and you're doin your 'nice and easy' 20 miler!

  7. OMG.....what a week! I'm exhausted reading it!

  8. go get those 55 miles glenn! you've been hard at it the past 12 weeks, and here's to 12 more tough-but-successful weeks of running!