Thursday, June 23, 2011


So, just as I was heading out the door yesterday afternoon, my phone decided to ring. I spent the next half hour talking instead of running.

It’s not a big deal exercise wise – it was only two miles that I missed. But missing a workout results in a *huge* rippling effect to my diet. That’s 200 calories that I need to be careful I don’t put in the pie hole….

So, I had to portion control even more than I normally do. Bottom line:

  • Calorie goal: 1690
  • Calories eaten: 1646
  • Exercise: 0
  • Calorie deficit: 44

So this is the way it feels to wake up hungry……


  1. little by little, step by step, line upon line .......... okaY I will shut up. All things you already know.

  2. It still boggles my mind that one has to have a 3500 calorie deficit in order to lose just one pound. I know you have been looking at it like a bank but let's face it, once you put those calories in the vault you should be kissing them goodbye. Never to see them again. Because in time you won't need them.

  3. Be sure you stay hydrated, too! Could help the hunger thing.

    (P.S. OMG, the word verification is actually "fatest.")

  4. Good job handling the situation.....

  5. i am totally hungry when i wake up if i didn't eat enough the night before and then i'm a total pig the whole day. dieting blows.

  6. Don't answer... Put it on silent/turn it off... I haaaate when my phone keeps me from a workout!

    I think you get used to the "hunger" feeling after awhile. Your body is used to being spoiled with a little extra and now it's learning what it feels like to not give in everytime it "thinks" it's hungry.

  7. Geeeeesh, I wish I would have read Lindsay's Comment before I just had a Single with Cheese Large Combo from Wendy's. I wonder how many calories that was? I tell ya. I don't count calories, but I think I might should start doing that. These Word Verication things crack me up man. 2 miles of running your mouth? I turn my phone off or just ignore it.........unless it's my Wife. haahaha!

  8. I hate it when that happens. I'm sadly, not very good at just ignoring my phone when it rings.

  9. On the flip side of things, I finished a 20 mile wog, and I am very, very, very hungry now.