Monday, June 27, 2011

Went for a Run and a Hike Broke Out!

It’s not often these days that I can find someone to force me out the door, but, on Saturday, I caught wind that one of my “buds” from Colorado was in town. Turns out that she had just finished a trail run on Saturday, so I thought I would be safe and offer to take her on another run on Sunday. After all, who would want to run trails two days in a row?

Well, I may have found out why some people are in shape and improving and I’m not. She accepted! So, I met up with Ali and Yas Sunday morning for a trail run. I know that we don’t have anything in Southern California that compares to the majesty of the pines and elevation in Colorado, but we do have our own little gems. I decided to take them on a little jaunt through the oak canopy that lines many of our hills here.

Luckily we met early, because the sun was already out and blazing at 8:30. We headed into Laurel Canyon in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park.


I was maybe a mile and half into our run when I figured out that the one think I had left behind was a rope so Yas and Ali could pull me up the hills! Oh well. Thankfully they waited around and made sure I made it back down in one piece. Thanks for making me get out there and get it done gals!

On the calorie front – at least the exercise let me have a Mexican dinner out. It’s amazing what those tortilla chips can do to a diet:

  • Calorie budget: 1690
  • Calories eaten: 2294
  • Exercise: 477
  • Deficit: –127

That’s two days in a row of exceeding my budget. Hmmm……

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  1. If I can stay away from Mexican food, I can lose weight...but I can't. Chips are crack!