Friday, June 5, 2009

Back at' Em

Okay. No excuses. I'm back in Southern California. No planes. No hotels. No reason to *not* run. So, I took off after work and hit up the San Diego Creek Trail for nine miles.

In theme with my desire to check out some new trails, I set out on a new spur of the trail just past mile 3. I was on this spur for about a mile and a half, but the trail continued south. I think if I continued, I would run into the trail that we used for the Southern California Half. Looks like I have another trail to check out on my longer runs!

The run was overall pretty slow. After turning around, the headwinds were brutal. There is a storm blowing through (in fact, there were actual thunderstorms) and the weather has been downright blustery. Second, I need new shoes. By mile 7, I was starting to feel pain in places I don't normally feel pain. I only have 300 miles on my current shoes. But, with the longer distances and the warmer temperatures, my shoes are getting and staying wet (perspiration). I think that has broken them down a little sooner than normal. Anyways, I only have a couple to three weeks left on them at my current mileage. Luckily I have a 15% coupon to Road Runner. Looks like I'll be making a trip today!

Final stats on the run - 9 miles at an average pace of 9:59. Heart rate averaged 83% of MHR - still within aerobic range. This morning I'm quite a bit sorer than normal - especially my quads, lower back and hips. More evidence that my shoes have given up the ghost.

On tap today - rest day (another one?). Yes - and I think I'll take it to help me get ready for the Wrigley River Run on Saturday. I'm excited! I get to meet my fellow blogger Penny of Planet Ynnep Running fame! Woo hoo!

Also, I wanted to share this picture with all of you - this is my finish at the Cinco de Mayo Half.

Funny - I don't remember being in that much pain! As my fellow runner and Whitneyite Lori at Run Along Now said on my facebook wall - "after 2 years of races, i haven't had even 1 good picture!" Touche! I think it's a huge conspiracy to embarrass us runners.

Oh and Lori? She is a certifiable nut. She's running the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run this Saturday (and probably Sunday). Folks - this is a woman who didn't even run two years ago. My hat's off to you Lori!


  1. Glenn, Can't wait to meet you tomorrow. The running green girl will be there as well!!

    A friend of mine is running the 100 miler as well, Vinnie Torres! I'm sure they know each other-those ultra peeps know everyone!!

    Have a good friday! Today is a rest day for me too-maybe. Velcro always seems to give me that look! But since I swam and ran yesterday I'm a little sore...

  2. That picture isn't too bad! It just looks like you were tired from going super fast!

    100 miles? I wish!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hey - that pic isn't too bad! I've tried to make my only race goal to have a good picture one year. Didn't work.

    This is my first time running the CDM. I just signed up to support my 2 girlfriends who are just starting to run. And I'm ALL about the food!!!

  4. I love the photo, I like to think you're screaming out in victory of something.

    Good luck on Saturday!

  5. Is there a map for these trails? There seems to be so many!!

    Those photographers always seem to catch us at the funniest times!

  6. That pictures rocks! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.

    It was really nice meeting you today at the Wrigley River Run.

  7. Hey, it's not a bad pic, but the idea of those photos is one thing scaring me away from races!

  8. i'm actually having a hard time running when i'm home vs on the road now. but, usually i'm home for 1.5 days and on the road for 14 so going home is a vacation these days ;)

  9. Running in the wind is no fun. It is so heavy to maintain pace while at the same time battling the wind.

    I love finding new paths for runs. The more courses you have, the nicer it is to go for long runs.

    Have a great week