Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eight More Miles

Yesterday was an 8 mile general aerobic run. I took off on my new favorite route from Big Corona to El Moro. I got going in the late afternoon, and the onshores were blowing pretty hard. So, my four miles out was pretty easy with the wind at my back. The four miles back though - well. The whitecaps on the ocean were an indication. Pant pant gasp whew! Headwinds. Yech! I wrapped up the run with 10 stride outs. I then went home and destroyed dinner!

I am soooo sore this morning, especially my quads. And my lower back is tired. I guess those stride outs got to me. Final stats on the run - 8 miles at 9:57 average pace with an average heart rate of 78% of max.

On a side note - I need to start tracking my calories again. I've been getting hungry in between meals lately, and have been snacking - a lot. I'm eating breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Gotta get that back under control! As I ramp up (the next four weeks should be around 150 miles) I should be able to leave a pound or two behind. Sparkpeople - here I come (back again).


  1. Sounds like you had a good one, Glen! Sore quads...!

    Tell me, when you're tracking your calories, how many do you have a day?

    I've recently had a gastric band op, and my doctor wants me on 1200 a day. I've never really counted calories, so I'm not sure what a normal diet is calorie wise? I only know weight watchers points :)

  2. Whenever you're that sore-- You had a good run.

    I hear ya about the snacking-- I have horrible appettite control too!

    P.S. Thats awesome that you have been to Elmwood village!

  3. I have had the snacking troubles lately too. I have been having a three slices of cheddar cheese and it has been helping, but it is tough!! Good luck!

  4. i can never decide if i should go out with the wind or against... it's tougher going against it for the latter half when you are already tired, but the breeze is kind of nice. oh the dilemma. i just (try to) tell myself it's better training.

    i had to start counting cals again too. i'm not so great on the weekends but i figure at least i have been behaving during the week. good luck pulling in the reins!