Sunday, June 28, 2009


Yesterday was a pretty interesting day, as far as running went. I had a 15 mile run on the plan. I headed out the door just like clockwork to meet up with the group at 7AM at the local (Corona del Mar) High School. Imagine my surprise when I get there to find there is no parking. None. The lot was completely full. Turns out there was a big Summer Swim League meet going on yesterday. So, not being able to find a parking spot meant that I wasn't going to be able to change after my run (remember my past blogs about my ability to perspire?). So - it was back home to pick up a towel. In the meantime, I also thought that it would kind of be nice to run somewhere other than my normal trails. What about a run along the beach?

Now another thing about my Saturday morning run - normally I take my wife's car. The dealer we bought it from offers free car washes for customers. The dealer is an easy drive from CdM, so after my normal morning run, I normally take the short drive over and get her car washed. Of course, the complimentary Starbucks is also nice. But, since I was no longer going to be running from CdM, I decided that I should also change cars. Long story short - I forgot to transfer my fuel belt and water! And I wasn't going to do 15 miles without that. So - back home.

By the time I got back home (for the second time), I thought "Maybe the running Gods are trying to tell me something." Time was now starting to become a factor. It was getting close to 8 AM. Even though it was cloudy and overcast, this time of year the sun generally breaks out by 9AM. The thought of getting caught out in the humid heat did not sound appealing, so I decided to throw in the towel. Since I am a firm believer of discretion being the better part of valor, I decided to swap Saturday and Sunday workouts.

So, about 6:30 PM I headed out for a quick 4 mile recovery run - Sunday's planned run. I got to Crystal Cove, got my gear on, and turned the Garmin on. Guess what? "Batteries are Low Sucker!" Guess it was good I didn't get out for my 15 miler after all!

On tap today - ummmm - 15 miles. I'm out the door soon....


  1. Can't put my finger on it, but something tells me that the run was not meant to be ;-)

    Wise call to not go on the run without your fuel and in the heat. Running is only fun when it's done safely.

    Have a great long run on Sunday!

  2. I always wonder what those kinds of mornings are really trying to tell us. Hope this morning's went better, with both the Garmin and your internal batteries all charged up.

  3. It's not for lack of trying, that's for sure! I often listen to people justify why they didn't run or work out and most of the time it's a bunch of lame excuses. In your case, you showed up and even went back out again! Karma? I don't know, but perhaps today will be glorious.

    Have a good one!

  4. Hope you got your 15 miler in! Seems like the running gods were trying to tell you something!!

  5. Right on! The important thing is that you simply swapped workouts and worked it all out. Such flexibility is key to the mental aspect of marathon training. There are a lot of people who try to stick to their plan so rigidly that they'd have thrown in the towel on the 15 miles, or run it in oppressive heat an ruined future workouts. Well done.

    Also, great write ups on the general aerobic workouts. I always enjoy your excellent explanations of exercise related concepts.

  6. When the running gods give signs, it is often best to listen.

    I'm sure you had a great 15 miler today. (heat and all...hope you got an early start!)

  7. Oh man...that was funny (for me) to thing after another happening...but the Garmin one just made me crack up! It all works out the way it's meant to! Glad you had an awesome run today btw and the pictures were beautiful! Christine

  8. all signs point to no :-/

    i would have had a hard time getting myself to head back out for the run after all those turn-arounds, so i don't blame you on switching it up.

    hope things went much better sunday (i'm a bit behind on my reading, too busy relaxing on vacation you know?) ;)