Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting Started in Earnest

Well, now that I've made up my mind to move forward on the Marathon front, it's time to get into the swing of training. Physically and mentally.

The physical part of marathon training is easy. Just go out and put in the miles. So, I put in the planned nine miles. The first five were general aerobic miles put in at a 9:53 pace and an average heart rate of 78% of max. The final four were at a 9:18 pace (at the low end of half marathon pace range) at a heart rate of 83% of max.

Then there's the mental part of this thing. Most say that the marathon is a big mental challenge. Most won;t admit though that the toughest part of the marathon is the training. Pushing through the miles and workouts when there are so many other fun things to do. Like watching TV. Or eating donuts. The race itself is just four or five hours of your brain telling you to stop. The training is 18 weeks of your brain telling you to stop! Oh well - one week at a time.

Finally, I need some advice. I am having trouble drying my shoes out between runs. I think I've mentioned before - I am a perspiration machine. If I run past your house, you probably want me to run up on the lawn and give it a good sprinkling as I pass. The problem is with the longer distances and times these days, my shoes end up soaked. I have two pair that I rotate, but even still after a day off, my shoes are sometimes still damp. What do you all do to dry your shoes out?

On tap today - 5 recovery miles. Crystal Cove here I come!


  1. I generally stuff balled-up old newspapers in my shoes when they are wet. They automagically dry more quickly than I would ever expect.

    Hope this helps

  2. Yep...newspaper - stuff your shoes (as an added bonus, the newsprint absorbs odor), when the paper is damp throw it away and stuff them again. You could also dedicate a corner with a fan blowing on your shoes.

  3. Well I always put my shoes on top of the boiler at my parents house and it dries the shoes overnight. Not sure if you would have one of those in cali though. We have heat through the snow and winter lol!! Other than that i don't know!

  4. i was going to say newspapers too!

    or, buy a 3rd pair :) oh please, like you don't want more running shoes...

  5. Yeah. Buy a third pair. You must perspire like crazy. 24 hours is usually enough for me. I've been rotating two pair, but doing two runs a day most days and they've been fine just sitting in the bathroom.