Monday, June 22, 2009


The clock struck the first day of summer, and the weather Gods replied with one of the most beautiful mornings in quite a while. Day before yesterday was dull, drab and drizzly (I was able to literally wring water from my clothes when I wrapped up my run). Yesterday though was absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. It's tough to find words to describe the weather.

I got out about 8:30. It was 68 degrees. Breezy but not windy. Sunny. No humidity. Puffy white clouds in the sky. I headed to Crystal Cove for what was going to turn out being an epic Father's Day run:

My five mile recovery run wrapped my step back week. Final mileage: 32.5. Big fail though was that I never made it onto the ergometer or to the gym....

So, I'm now back to my mileage ramp. On the schedule for this week:

  • Monday: Rest day. Will probably hit the erg today. I'm feeling rested after last week.
  • Tuesday: 9 miles - first 5 GA, last 4 at Half Marathon Pace
  • Wednesday: 5 mile recovery. Hi the gym for some stretching and core work.
  • Thursday: 9 miles GA
  • Friday: Rest day.
  • Saturday: 15 mile long run
  • Sunday: 5 mile recovery run. Hit the gym for some stretching at a minimum.
  • Total for week: 43 miles

And, now that I've made up my mind on doing the marathon, I laid out the rest of my training plan yesterday. I'm doing the Pfitz 24/55 plan (24 weeks, peaks at 55 miles per week). I had to whack 3 weeks off the endurance phase, so it's really the Pfitz 21/55. Now I understand how these things can be so daunting. Sixteen more weeks and 750 training miles to go. That doesn't include the 225 already under my feet. Deep breath. Deep breath. The journey has begun!


  1. Hey Glenn! What a beautiful run. It's making me feel like a slug sitting here working this morning (like I should be on the beach running instead...sigh).

    LB Marathon? I'll be there for the 1/2!

  2. LOVE the pics! One of my college friends got married at the Beach restaurant right there. Love to eat there too! :) Glad you are going to do the full, you can rock it!!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, and now we'll be doing marathon training ALLLLL through the summer!

  4. Ideal circumstances for a morning run. Great!

    The # of miles looks pretty awesome.

  5. Nice week, Glenn. Good job!

    Your 68 degree run makes me envious...we had a heat index of 98 here this afternoon!

  6. blah.

    86 is way better to run in than 68. and humidity-free? who wants that! bologna.

    real nice of you glenn. rub it in my face. :)

    the pics are gorgeous and glad you had a good run ( awesome weather.) go get your 43 miles!

  7. Good luck with the marathon training. I'm very much looking forward to reading about it and (of course) the subsequent race report.

    I'm going to top Lindsay in my jealousy of your 68 degrees at 8:30 am training run. I was out before 6:00 am both days this weekend and it was 87 degrees with 90% humidity - before sunrise. This is what I get for laughing at all those northerners in January.

  8. I am SO jealous!!! When I came out from my gym today my sunglasses totally fogged up on me because of the huge change from air conditioning to nasty humidity here in FL! I loved the beautiful! So you have a nice plan there I see. But what is a 'recovery run' and what is the purpose of it? Aren't you glad to have such a newbie friend? lol Christine

  9. Glad you've decided on the full. Have fun with the training!