Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Week of Recovery

This week caps my four week Higdon recovery plan. I've had a tough time on this recovery cycle and haven't yet completed an entire week to plan. I did come close mileage wise last week, ending up at 26 miles (plan was 30), but I skipped my Thursday workout.

I'm going to go back through my blogs for the last three weeks to get down to the bottom of things. I know I've been a little physically thrashed since Long Beach - legs tired, knees sore, etc. And I can't help but thinking there is a little mental angst going on too. The hint that this is happening are the little things like putting my run last night off until pretty late in the evening. Speaking of which, I did put in just over 5 nice easy miles last night. And I did stretch and do some core work afterwards. So maybe things are looking up?

The plan for the rest of this week:

Monday: 5 mile GA. Stretching and core.
Tuesday: Track workout with the club. Somewhere around 5 miles.
Wednesday: 5 mile GA. Stretching and core.
Thursday: 30 minute tempo run. Should be somewhere around 3.25 miles.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 9 mile medium long run.
Sunday: 40 minute tempo run. Should be somewhere around 4.25 miles.
Total plan: 30 - 31 miles

And with that - I'll be starting my next marathon training cycle. L.A. Marathon - here I come!

Now I need to be off to do some reading. I've been derelict in my blog reading responsibilities!


  1. Seems like you were just coming off a marathon training cycle. How long will this cycle be? Make sure you are refreshed mentally before you start another otherwise you might just be spinning your wheels.

  2. it seems like you did (much) more speed/effort work in this "recovery phase" than i would. i, uh, tend to go strictly easy in the weeks following a marathon. ok ok, minus that trail race. i sure am not in a hurry to get back on the track though. don't be afraid to take some days off completely, might help recharge you mentally and physically?

  3. Great 5K! Yah still got it :D Awesome breakfast that they served! I'd say you got your money's worth to the fullest!

  4. WE are TOTALLY doing LA together, and let's analyze this mental angst at the Turkey Trot. LOL

  5. LA? Now that sounds like fun. Don't be afraid to take some days off. Enjoy.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you just need a little mental break too. I have felt like i need a rest from work for a while cause I am mentally drained lol!

  7. I hate to say it, but I think my little "injury" is exactly what I needed. I've been training non-stop since mid-January, and haven't had any time just OFF. My mental game is BACK ON and can't wait to get back on the roads. Maybe just take a few days of PLANNED rest vs. cancelling some runs, then you won't feel obligated to make up the runs, or defeated because you "missed" something that was planned. Might give you a fresh mindset going into your new marathon training. Just my two cents. :)

  8. LA sounds like fun but make sure you're "over" the last one completely! I once heard that you need to have moved on mentally from your last marathon before you're ready to train and move on...I think it's true. Only YOU know what's right for you, good luck thinking about it and deciding. New plans and goals are fun!

  9. Glenn-- Sorry for not being on here in a while!!

    Good job on the 5k! What happens after your 4 week recovery plan??

  10. I am amazed you're even running right now? Most I know take a few weeks off running at least after doing one. I don't recall you ever taking time off? I also read sometime ago in a RW article - take a day off for every mile run in a Marathon. I know folks who do just that. A whole month off.

    Member of my family who does 50-100 mile trails runs. Takes 3-4 weeks off after racing one of those. Another family member takes 10 days off after each Marathon. She does 4-5 a year. Then she will not run anything longer than 9 miles for 2 weeks.

    It is up to you. You know YOUR body best. This is why I like the Half Marathon distance best. Take a week off after the race, then right back at a week later without a completely beat up body.

  11. Great to hear, Glenn! Sounds like your recovery has gone well.

    LA Marathon! Very nice. I wish you well as you start up your training cycle, and I look forward to reading about your progress. All the best to you!

  12. I'm just going to "ditto" everyone who's saying that you need to make sure you are recovered...overtraining can lead to injury, and nobody wants that.