Monday, November 9, 2009

This is the Way a Race Should End

Sorry folks - I fell off the blog wagon over the weekend. I ran with my club on Saturday (5 easy miles). Normally I would have spent Sunday morning with my cup of coffee writing my blog and reading up on everybody's fun and success for the week. Instead, I was up and at 'em early (4:30) to get down to San Diego for the Shelter Island 5K. This race came highly recommended by a lot of people, so I figured it would be worth the hour and a half drive. Plus I was excited at the thought of a post race breakfast, and the promise of meeting the Herd! Yea!

This race was a low key affair. No huge vendor exhibition, no bands, no free samples. But, it was a well organized, well attended event. I got parked at 6:45, and got geared up at the car (Garmin, long sleeves, etc.) and still had my bib by 7:00 AM. I did a quick warm up on the course. And was in place fot the 7:30 start with time to spare. This race was truth in advertising. It was a *flat* course running along the harbor at Point Loma.

My performance wasn't anything to write home to Mom about. It had been a while since I ran a 5K, and with all the distance running I had been doing, I wasn't sure what to expect. I just wanted to follow my normal 5K plan of getting in a brisk mile 1, settling into a rhythm for mile 2, picking off runners one by one for mile 3 before the final sprint. I edged my way up toward the front of the start, but even after the horn sounded I still found myself dodging and weaving slower runners and walkers. Mile 1: 8:08.

About midway through mile 2, I stated suffering some serious wind suckage. Right at the end of mile 2 I slowed down a bit. Mile 2: 8:37. I kept things sane for the next half mile and started to push it a bit again. Mile 3: 8:39. It was just about then some guy pushing a stroller passed me. Heck with that! The finish was in sight, so I pushed the final 400 yards to drop into the 7:00 range. Final outcome: Garmin Time: 26.08, Official time: 26:27. About a minute slower than my 5K PR. But I was still happy. I still had something left in the tank, so I know I can push harder next time.

Now that the race was over, it was time for the important stuff! akaAlice and Irene had run into me right at the start, and we arranged to meet post race. I had no longer finished looking for quarters on the ground when I saw akaAlice crossing the finish. Way to go aka! I got my t-shirt (nice pretty colors) and goodie bag (yeah! reusable grocery bag! Cool!) and headed toward the food.

I don't know why, and honestly I don't care, but wherever I go, the people that I meet are always the most honest down to earth people. The herd is no different! I had planned on chowing down and heading back home. Instead I enjoyed a *great* couple of hours with akaAlice, Irene and her husband, Mik and Elsie! It was a pleasure meeting all of you ! Thanks for letting me spend a wonderful morning with you!
Here are some photos:

Take 1: Irene! Where did you and Mike go?
Okay - take 2. Elsie?!?!

Oh well. I guess you're just going to need to go over to the Heffer Blog for the entire group picture.

Coming in a close second to meeting the Herd was the post race spread. It was strange walking into a post race exhibition with an ocean view and no exhibitors.

What's even stranger is finding out that there's more than just water, bananas, oranges and bagels. How about smoked salmon. Mini bagels with cream cheese and capers. Actual hot breakfast food including potatoes, eggs, chorizo breakfast burritos, bacon, and pancakes. And what seemed like an endless stream of champagne, orange juice, and coffee:

What better way to spend a Sunday morning! Great friends. Great food. Great race. The only question I have - why would *anyone* miss this?!?!?!


  1. Wow -- what a fun time. That post-race spread looks amazing! (And nice time, too, even if not a PR.)

  2. 5K's are fun! Glad you got to meet fellow bloggers and chill. And man, that food looks delicious. Mimosas after a race?? Sure! :)

  3. Is this an actual 5K race, or a reason to have a breakfast feast!? I think they need to make this a Half Marathon to burn all the pre-feast caloires. Looks like a fun event.

  4. GREAT job glen! I want to see the pics! See how my advice helped ha ha.

    And i'm always down to feast, running or not! ha ha

  5. seriously, now that we've had a hot breakfast we can't go back to bagels and cut pieces of banana...

  6. I'm so doing this race next year. Are they okay with strollers?

  7. I've been waiting for your version of the race and I'm so glad you had a great time. Yeah, this is one you do just for the post-race brunch. Amazing, isn't it?

  8. Great job on the race! You are speedy!

  9. How fun! It looks like the drive was way worth it...what a delicious and huge breakfast! Glad you had fun running in our neck of the woods!

  10. Mik from the Heffer HerdNovember 9, 2009 at 11:16 PM

    It was nice meeting you. I am glad you could make it. It was a lot of effort. Your interpretation of the event was fun to read. Next one is Surf City.

  11. (if i'm remembering correctly) i love the point loma area/views. well, i <3 san diego in general really.

    totally worth the run + breakfast! glad you had a good time and made it out there.

  12. I never thought to get pictures of the food! This was our third time at this particular run event. Something about food and champagne is reason enough to run.

    It was great meeting the person behind the blog. :)

  13. Holy cow. What a SPREAD! yum. and you posted a great time for really only doing a lot of endurance and distance training as of late! Way to go. :)

  14. great job on the 5K....that is a good time, even if it's not a PR...that post race food looks delicious...

  15. So. so. so. so. late this week.

    I saw you taking pictures at the buffet and though "genius!" He must be an engineer :-)

    We all had a great time hanging out with you too Glenn. Can't wait for Surf City!