Monday, November 30, 2009

Please Teach me to not Procrastinate!

So I went and done it yesterday. Just as my weeks were going well and the miles were racking up, I decided to sleep in and have an otherwise lazy Sunday. The plan was to head out in the late afternoon, get my five miles in and whip up dinner for everyone. But, life sometimes has it's own ideas of what is important and what isn't. Needless to say, I didn't get my run in. Doggone it! So I end up last week with a measly 26.5 miles. The good news is unlike a few weeks ago, at least I feel like I'm missing something.

On the plan for this week:

Monday: 3 miles GA, stretching and core
Tuesday: 6 miles GA
Wednesday: 3 miles GA, stretching and core
Thursday: Hit the track for 2 mis warm up, 4X800 with 400 active rest, 1 mile warm down
Friday: Rest (yea!)
Saturday: This week is a step back week with only 8 miles on the schedule
Sunday: 6 miles at pace
Total plan: 32 miles

I was up and at 'em early today and got my short three miles in before the sun was up. Likewise I'll be out early tomorrow to knock down the planned 6! See you later!


  1. Taking a day off is no big deal. I think you're still recovering BTW.

    Good plan for the week!

    Does GA mean that you're gonna be in Georgia?

  2. Sounds like you needed and deserved a day off. No biggie, right? :)

  3. Hey, you've got your plan, you'll be fine. You got today's workout done early too! Nothing wrong with giving the body some rest. :)

  4. Been there - done that!

    Don't beat yourself up about it, I have done the same thing before and felt lousy afterwards. But then I realized nothing can be done about it and moved on. If it happens occasionally it won't cause you any problems..... just don't let it become a pattern.

    I actually had a whole week that went kinda like this during my marathon training.... looking back I saw a bit of burn out and my body (and mind) needed that rest.

    Keep it up!

  5. Procrastination is the assassination of motivation! So as one person told me a while back. Looks like you have a pretty big week ahead of you! Good luck in your training Glenn! ......and a day off is good.

  6. i do that alllll the time. especially now that the cooler weather is here and you won't die of heat exhaustion if you run mid-day! just don't let it become a habit...

    hope you and the family are doing well with the loss of your FIL.

  7. Great job on the morning runs! At least you dont have the snow and cold to combat with!