Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

So, for what it was worth, I wrapped up my four week marathon recovery cycle. I was was able to get out today to do a quick 40 minute, 4.5 mile tempo run.

The weather today was absolutely stunning:

Coupled with my easy 6 miler yesterday, I managed to squeak out pretty close to 16 miles last week. I'm satisfied considering everything else going on.

Tomorrow morning I start my next training cycle for the Los Angeles Marathon. On the schedule this week:

Monday: 3 miles GA
Tuesday: 5 miles GA
Wednesday: 3 miles GA
Thursday: 2 mile warm up, 3 hill repeats, 1 mile warm down, 4.5 miles total
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles GA
Sunday: 5 miles MP
Total: 30.5 miles

I am soooooo ready to get started....


  1. beautiful views...but sun? really? while running? I must be the ONLY one who doesn't like running in the sun!!

  2. Good luck Glenn! Glad your mind and heart are set for your next 26.2. It does look like a nice course/route for LA. It has me thinking about it.

    BTW, I was a big Spencer Haywood fan as a kid. He was the first Superstar Athlete in Seattle. Before him I cheered on Bob Rule. I literally grew up with the Sonics. Russells, cousin, Bob Hopkinss too over for him after the 76-77 season. He was fired about 15-20 games into the 77-78 season and Lenny Wilkens took over as coach. He turned things around quick and had them in the finals that same year against the Bullets, who they lost too. Next year they beat them for the Championship. Haywood was long gone by then. The line-up (78-79) was Jack Sikma, Lonnie Shelton, John Johnson, Dennis Johnson and Gus Williams. With Fred Brown, Paul Silas, Dennis Awtrey and Wally Walker as the main guys off the bench.

    Bill Russell still lives in Seattle. I have gotten to meet him a few times. He was my Dads favorite athlete. Lakers - I liked Gail Goodrich and Jamal Wilkes for awhile growing up. Later on, I always liked James Worthy's game.

  3. YAY! 26.2 here you come (AGAIN!) Good luck on this round of training. can't wait to see how you do. :)

  4. Good luck with the training this week. Hopefully you wont have too many things interfere!

  5. Kick some training butt, Glenn! Awesome weather, too. Want to send some of that blue sky up to the NW? Ah, thanks!

  6. Yipee for a new training cycle, I just love your enthusiasm! You're going to have a wonderful cycle!

  7. Keep the pics coming - I am loving the views :)

  8. beautiful pics! man, starting a new round already?! you don't REALLY need to start until like, feb 28th, you know... ;)