Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally an Easy Day

One thing that is nice about taper is that every now and then there's an easy day that is part of the training plan. I put in my four general aerobic miles on the Back Bay yesterday once it started cooling down. I even made it to the gym fr some stretching afterwards. Woo hoo!

Oh. Wait a minute. There were a ton of easy days early on? Oh. Hmmm. Has this training plan really been that hard that it's going to become legend?

I've now used two different training plans. The first one was handed out by my track club to people training for their first marathon. It was an easy, 17 week plan that basically had us running a set amount of time three days a week and a long run on Saturdays. We peaked at around 35 miles per week and had one 20 miler. No lactate threshold work, no VO2Max work. The purpose of the plan was to get us to the finish line. And it worked.

It got me to the finish line, but it didn't fulfill me. That's why I'm back. This time a lot more educated and a lot more knowledgeable. I chose a relatively advanced plan - the Pfitzinger 24 week/55 mile peak plan. This plan methodically addresses all those things that need to be addressed to effectively run a marathon. I've gotta tell you - I feel in as good a shape as I've *ever* felt. But, this cycle has been *much* tougher - physically and mentally. I'm constantly sore and tired. No injuries or anything - I just feel like my body has been well worked. And mentally? 24weeks? That's like half a year! And for someone like me, 55 miles equates to 9 plus hours a week on the trails around here. I've got to be honest - the last few weeks has been tough (cold not withstanding). When I think abut running for three hours, my mind immediately thinks about a bunch of other things to do.

But - the finish is in sight. 16 days. Then I get my just reward for all this training. I get to run a marathon.


  1. You are much better off with this plan since it's your second race.

    I really appreciate your support of my MCM decision. Not an easy one to make.

    Get me that address and a Chicago dog is on it's way! LOL!

  2. After all this though - did you have fun doing it?

    Have a fun race. Relax and enjoy the experience. Sounds like you have a good plan to finish within your goals. Remember LB is flat. You should do well. I have heard the beach walkway/path gets ridiculously crowded. Be prepared for that.

    You will have a grear race! Keep kickin!

  3. 24 weeks is a long marathon build-up, physically and mentally. But it seems you are well prepared and you are in the much desired "taper time". Enjoy the rest and easy runs.

  4. Running on the trails for 3 hours? Sounds like a dream to me. Seriously, it does! ;)

  5. Glenn- what I love the most about your posts is your honesty. Seriously. You don't sugar coat things but you are real and genuine in sharing your experiences in training for this marathon. I appreciate that personally. I remember when we were adopting the first time around and so many people blogged these ridiculous fairytale blogs (we laughingly call them 'Happy Adoption Blogs' in the adoption circles). The problem with these kinds of blogs is that they aren't 100% honest thus leaving other people who aren't experiencing ecstatic constant JOY JOY JOY every minute (whether it be on their adoption journey or marathon training journey) feeling like something is wrong with them, their experience or their attitude.

    Your blog and your honesty makes one feel that anybody can embrace a marathon. Because anyone can accept that there will be awesome days and less than stellar days. Days of passionate committment and days of questioning why. You are very close to reaching your goal and many people would not have the courage to be as honest as you are about all of your feelings. Thanks for being someone who is. Christine

  6. Yep, it's tough being sore and tired every day...I get it! It won't be long though...

  7. Sounds like things are going great, Glenn. That is awesome! Enjoy the rest of your taper, and best wishes in the last couple weeks of your training!

  8. I'm so excited for you!! Getting to the finish is AWESOME, but I love that you want more!!

  9. "When I think abut running for three hours, my mind immediately thinks about a bunch of other things to do."

    I busted up when you said that. That's so very much my husband. He quit taking his cell phones on long runs because he couldn't do business calls and run at the same time.

    Enjoy the taper!

  10. I know the feeling of thinking of everything else you could do in three hours. And I'm like you - never going to win any races, so putting in those miles, it took so much time last year.

    I think you are going to do really well, Glenn. You are so disciplined with your workouts. you give me something to aspire to.

    Glad to hear you are on the mend from being sick. Now with the taper, you get to let your body rest and get stronger too.

  11. yes you do get to run a marathon and you'll kill it!!!!

  12. yeah these longer training plans are definitely tough on the mind!!! you've put in a lot of work and hung in there through the colds and motivationless days. rest up and get those legs ready for a pr! :)