Friday, September 11, 2009

Time to Re-Energize

Okay. I guess that excitement's over. I mean heck - I have a marathon in a (less than a) month. My last three weeks of running have been a little less than prime, so I've got to get back into the swing of things here. Just in time for taper.

In all honesty, I've been in recovery mode since last weekend. Sunday and Monday I couldn't walk. Both calves were like rocks. My hips were screaming whenever they were asked to move. By Tuesday, I was able to walk, but my calves were still so sore I couldn't walk down stairs without turning around and walking backwards. On top of that I've been fighting a nasty upper respiratory infection/cold/flu. I was feverish and coughing up a storm both Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was finally better. The last thing remaining are the blisters on my feet. On big blister on the outside of my left foot and a blood blister on the balls of both feet. Guess I overdid it a little on my way down Saturday. Yesterday I was able to wear shoes without discomfort, so it's all coming back.

Saturday is supposed to be my last 20 miler. I'll see if I can pull it together. I'd love to do one more for the psychological benefits of running 20 miles. Today though will be one more day of rest. I'm still coughing a bit - that yucky wet lung clearing cough. At least it doesn't hurt to cough any more!


  1. Glad you aren't coughing as much, but dont push it. You have enough in the bank at this point. You are going to do great.

    BTW, if you go to the post "R.I.C.E, R.I.C.E. baby!" you can read about my ankle. I think it's tendinitis. It sucks.

  2. Feel better soon!

    Those blisters look painful! I had some bad ones in the same spot...owie. Tried epsom salt soaks? And athletic tape!

    You're doing an excellent job!

  3. Remember, a cold below the neck (in the lungs) requires rest. Above the neck (head cold) is okay to train with. Good luck with your Saturday run.

  4. What do you do about blood blisters? I have one on the inside of my big toe. I tried to pop it, but nothing will come out. It feels like there's a rock under my skin. It's really gross. I've only ever gotten water blisters, so I'm at a loss. I hope your 20 miler went well!