Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It Was a Start

I guess I'm not as well as I thought I was. I *finally* made it out the door for what was supposed to be an eight mile speed session on the track yesterday. Unfortunately I never made it past the warm up.

I *did* feel good and strong as I started my 3 mile warm up. It felt good to get back on my feet after all the time off. But it wasn't long before my lungs started making these strange gurgling noises and the wheezing began. And with that the coughing started. I had to stop to expel my right lung. My head was throbbing from the coughing, but I got my feet moving forward again and continued. Then, about half a mile later, all of the mucous in my head decided to let go. All at once. The next thing I knew is I had snot all over the place. Then the coughing started again. I though my head was going to explode. I had enough for the day and packed it in as I passed through two miles.

This whole cold/flu thing got me doing some research last night. When will I be okay to run again? Long Beach is coming up in one month (actually 25 days), and I *need* to get back out on the trails.

After some time googling the web, I found was there is no scientific reason for running or resting. One Runner's World article pointed to a study done at Ball State University that showed that training had no effect on the length or severity of colds in an experimental group of runners. The bottom line is the article advises against the following:

(1) Running with a fever: Stay at home if you are running a temperature above 99 degrees (F).
(2) If you have a fever or the flu, hold off until the day after the symptoms disappear and then take it easy for one to two weeks.
(3) If you have full blown sinus infection, hold off running for 72 hours, and then take it easy for a few days.

The overriding theme here is no running with a fever, and then take it easy for a while when coming back. I've had no fever for four or five days now, and based on my incident yesterday, I can tell you I have no full blown sinus infection. With that in mind, I'll give it another go this evening. Maybe something like 4 miles easy. I'll see how I feel afterwards before making up my mind on tomorrow. Crystal Cove here I come!


  1. Best of luck to ya! Being sick is no fun!

  2. Oh man, I really hope you start feeling better. There is nothing worse than when your mind and legs are raring to go, but something out of your control is holding you back.

    Thanks for the comments about resting and recovery. I think I'm going to do an EASY 2-3 miles tonight just to loosen up the legs. They feel pretty good today, just feel like I did a tempo run yesterday. I just get ANTSY not running. :)

  3. "in the chest, be sure to rest"

    that's what i go by. if it's just in my head, i'll attempt to run. if it's in my chest/lungs, i stay on the couch. you need to hurry up and get better!

  4. That does not sound fun Glenn! Keep resting so you don't get worse. The coughing is the worst. Been there, hated that. Good luck. And drink lots and lots of water.

  5. Don't discount all the training you've deposited in the bank. You're still in the safe zone.

  6. I love Crystal Cove! I went to school at UCI and I just love it up there! Lucky you! My husband is running the full marathon in Long Beach...he's excited.

    I always run if I have a cold but not if I have a fever. Only once did I do that and it was not pretty. Picture a girl sitting on a curb waiting to be picked up..

  7. Interesting web finds. Feel better ASAP Glenn!

  8. That might be the best descriptive writing about your cold EVAH (the mucous deciding to let go...hahahahaha)

    Anyway, I vote for running with the cold as much as you can. I find that it helps clear the mucous :-)

  9. Good advice about the fever! Hopefully you will have a better time today!