Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thinking Ahead

With three weeks left, it's impossible to *not* think about "the day". It's time to taper, which means it's time to make sure everything else is working. I have a 16 miler this Saturday and a 12 miler the following Saturday - the last two runs long enough to check out race day systems.

A few weeks back, I revisited my race report from my last (and first) marathon - San Diego Rock n' Roll 2008. There I had three problems: (1) chafing in areas that I wasn't thinking about (see the picture below), (2) blisters the size of Texas on the soles of my feet, and (3) running out of gas around mile 17 with calves cramping by mile 19. All those left me where I am today - with a big chip on my shoulders and a monkey on my back. Thanks San Diego! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be going through this madness again! (Here's me after 5 hours and 44 minutes on the streets of San Diego - not a pretty sight!):

One thing I've learned over the past couple of years is running while being miserable sucks. So, I've been using my long runs to check out a lot of marathon day systems. My clothes are chosen. I have my grey Adidas running shorts with built compression pants and my blue Road Runner tech tee. Yeah - not color coordinated, but also no chafing. And no bloody nipples.

Footwear also went through a major change a while back. Turns out the problem with the blisters weren't so much the shoes as the socks. Everything now are Road Runner Dryroad elite socks. They are "wicked" (pun intended).

Both of these systems have now been through two twenty milers and four runs 16 miles or longer. That's right. Each time I headed out for a long run, I made sure to be wearing the clothes and footwear that I planned on wearing on marathon day. If you saw me on the 4th or July - you saw me as I will appear on October 11th. And all clothing and shoe systems are ready. Now I can concentrate on fuel. I'll leave that for tomorrow's blog.....

On the running front, I got an email from Cal Coast yesterday that we are back at the Corona del Mar High School track beginning today. Yea! I think I'll join the group tonight for some Tempo Tuesdaily madness. Yeah - I don't really need a lot of speed work at this point, but I'll put in some warm up miles and run around in circles with a few of my buddies tonight. I can't believe there are only 20 days left (fingernails are getting short....)


  1. Glad you found the socks that work for you! :) Getting excited for long beach!!!

  2. That photo looks so painful! Glad you figured it all out and it's very, very smart to train in what you will run in.

    I don't think I have even thought about that b/c I am so preoccupied with my injury.

    You are ready. 20 days!!!!!!

  3. Wow Glenn. A pix can say a thousand words. The SD RR looked like it really mugged ya. Hope your LB experience is far bettter. Sounds like you have worked out the right equipment needed. Relax and enjoy the event as much as possible.

    Sorry about the boys from Troy. Us Huskies have been suffering too long. It was a good feeling. However, I think Pete Carroll gives out a gift of a win to one Pac Ten team rival a year. This year the Huskies turn. I will be rooting for Troy when you play UCLA. The Slick Rick thing in Huskyville runs deep with him. Funny, they feel the same in Boulder, Co. about Rick as well.

    Good luck and enjoy your taper time.

  4. Well, you definitely passed by our water station that year! I volunteered at the mile 23.5 water station. You probably even ran past/by/along side my husband at some point. He finished around 5:49.

    Each marathon is a learning experience, that's for sure. No matter how many books you read, and how much advice you get, you won't know how it is until you experience it for yourself.

    It sounds like you are now a "well oiled machine!" (My former boss used to say that all the time.)

  5. I know you will rock this one, Glenn.

    San Diego was my first and only marathon, too. I'll post my race report for that on my blog someday. I'm sure you will find it amusing. I decided to 'try something new' and pop a salt packet in my mouth and that worked out really well for me. /sarcasm

    Sounds like you've come a long way and you are ready. And you won't make that rookie mistake of trying something new!

  6. Cursing the SD marathon for making you do this all over again? Why is it that I think you'd be here even if that wasn:'t a bad experience?

  7. You know so much more about yourself, and running, and how to prepare for a marathon than you did a year and a half ago. LB will be a challenge, but I have no doubt that you'll have a much better experience.

    Also, thanks so much for the feedback and your wisdom on my blog this weekend. Your comments about LB being a lot of concrete paths has made me think I won't do it this year. I'm just not 100% yet. I'm thinking Surf City for sure though!

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  9. You do look pretty beat up in that picture. LOL ;)

  10. oh sure, blame it on san diego as to why you are here again... ;) you also took a vote where half of us told you to do the half-mar. :-p

    stay calm! replay your training runs and remind yourself that you are prepared. stay on top of your nutrition and hydration and get pumped!

  11. I am sure that this marathon will be much better! its coming up fast but you are totally ready for it! Enjoy the taper!

  12. I clicked on that picture to enlarge it, but I'm not sure why. I'm glad there was no larger version available. Holy Crap! It looks like you pulled an arrow out of your chest just before stopping for the picture.

    After my 5 hours and 27 minutes of pain, I couldn't even stand long enough to get a picture taken, so you've got me there.

  13. ok, that picture looks painful. I've seen some guys like that at the end of Boston, and it pains me to even "think" of it!

    and who cares if you're color coordinated? My brother's good luck marathon shorts (not sure if he thinks they are, but I do, for him) are TEAL. He got his fastest time in them though - 2:55!