Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks for the Great Ideas!

A big thank you fellow bloggers for your ideas yesterday! It's so cool to have such a helpful group of blogging and running friends to draw on. After my diatribe on fueling strategy, a couple of you confirmed my strategy with your own experiences, a couple of you pointed me in the right direction as far as products, and one provided a tip that was absolutely fantastic!

So here goes:
AZ - thanks for confirming what the article was saying. Two gels an hour does it for you?

Slomohusky and MegRuns - Banana Hammer gel huh? I'll give it a try for sure. I've had the Raspberry and it was good as well. Take my word - don't get close to the Hammer Espresso gel. Yecch! I've always been a Gu user - but can only stomach two flavors - Vanilla Bean and Espresso Love. That get's kind of old after the third or fourth one.

MegRuns and B.o.B - Thanks for the confirmation on the Endurolyte. I took it recently on my hike up Whitney and it really did make a world of difference!

And the best idea ever goes to B.o.B. Her idea of taping an Endurolyte capsule to a gel packet is golden!!!! The reason I was using the powder is that I didn't want to just have a bunch of capsules laying around in my fuel belt. But, any more than two scoops of Endurolyte powder in 16 ounces of water and you might as well go take a drink out of the ocean. Bleh. But using her idea, I'll down a gel and a capsule every 30 minutes! Than you thank you thank you B.o.B! I bow to the East in recognition! I'll also follow MegRuns suggestion to take one before the race so my body has a chance to absorb the first capsule ahead of time. Thank you everyone!

On the running front, I put in a *hot* 8 miles yesterday. The morning started out pretty foggy and cool here despite what the weatherman was saying:

But, by the time I made it out of the office at 6PM, it was still a warm 90 degrees at Crystal Cove! I ended up putting in a sweaty 8 aerobic miles (average heart rate of 79% of max). Luckily the sun was down and there was a cooling breeze coming off the ocean by the time I finished.

Today looks to be another scorcher! Here's a photo taken from just about the same spot at 7:15 this morning:

The weatherman is saying mid nineties here at the beach, and 115 inland. A least it's dry out! Looks like I'll be waiting until late this evening to put in my four easy miles! Oh - and I hope to catch up on my blog reading this evening. I've been MIA from that for a few days now....


  1. I actually enjoy the "fruity" Gus. You're missing out :)

  2. I still like the donut idea every 30 mins the best. :)

    How about Post race recovery? - Chocolate Milk, Watermelon, can of Coke, Bananna are my favorite picks.

    1 hour later - Pizza, usually vegitarian.

    2 hour later - Sleep.

  3. You are most welcome Glenn! I hope it helps. I think the big blue painting tape works the best. FYI.


    I think I am more excited about your race than I was about my now defunct race!

  4. It has been so hot! I'm not going to run tonight until after dark(well, jog a tiny bit anyway). What a great idea to tape the Endurolytes to the gu pack. I bought a plastic tube for them that is made by the fuel belt company but there is too much room inside the plastic tube and they jiggle around and break open! Thanks for sharing this idea B.o.B. and Glenn. Stay cool...

  5. Vanilla Bean Gu is my favorite flavor although plain isn't bad. Worth a try. Post race? Yes to chocolate milk but I also like Slim Fast. It has a great balance of carbs and protein and lots of vitamins etc.

  6. WOW 115 inland! It was like barely 50 degrees this morning! Crazy!

  7. Glenn, not sure where you get your Endurolytes from, but Hammer Nutrition sells containers (very cheaply too) that you can put them in, and not have to worry about them flying all around the place. If you didn't have the room for the (small) container, you could put them in a snack-sized baggie. I've also done that.

    Aren't they awesome? I've been pushing those things since last summer's marathon training, since it was so humid here. I'm like you, and sweat a lot, salt-filled, of course! My running partner said she could literally see the difference in me when I took them and they kicked in.

  8. i always wondered about taking some sort of salt-like tablety things with me. i mean they'd dissolve in my sweat or drink-spillage before i got around to needing it.

    i am a huge fan of gu's, but if you are always on one flavor it does get a bit old...

    yikes 115. i almost think that's worse than the 100% humidity we get. ;)