Friday, September 18, 2009

Six Miles Today

It looks like this cold thing is *finally* moving in the right direction. I'm still taking it easy pace wise, but I was able to add two more miles yesterday. I only had two snot stops and no coughing fits, so I'm feeling a little less anxious.

Why the anxiety?

Yup. 23 days left. My last experience with Mr. Marathon was not all that great. In retrospect, I was *grossly* under trained. Ever since then, I have been focused on building my fitness. Putting in lots of miles at an easy pace. There's no "natural talent" that I can draw on here folks!

With that in mind, I've been concerned about training. The last three weeks have not gone per plan. I've had to blow off a couple 50 mile weeks. That doesn't help. But now I've got to be real careful. I'm feeling better. I've got three weeks until marathon day. The last thing I need right now is a setback. So, as much as I want to hit a 20 plus miler this weekend, I think that discretion is the better part of valor. Many of you have made the case. And I think it's time for me to heed the advice of those with far more experience than me. You have even been there and done that. It's taken me 52 years, but it's about time I recognize that I don't know everything about everything....


  1. Great Glenn. Glad you are feeling better. Respitory junks is just that. No magic cure. No way to get around it once ya get it.

    I would ease back in. Only because of these injuries in mid age runners - Achilles and Hams. However, I would think after 3-4 days of easing back into higher mileage you should be fine.

    Life is busy I know. However, just as big outside precaution - there are always other Marathons to run. Yet, what I think you might find, is this time off giving you fresh legs and ready for it after an ease back into some higher mileage. Just be cautious. You know your body more than anyone else.

  2. It's hard to hold back but you need to take care of yourself. Can you take a day off next week and do a shorter long run as a compromise, just to make yourself feel a little better?
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Thanks for your thoughtful words on my blog...I really appreciate it.
    Go Anteaters!

  3. hang in there dude. you still have time to get in another 20-miler! glad you are feeling better, enjoy the home stretch!

  4. I'm glad you figured it out. It took me 4 marathons to get it right.