Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Yesterday was supposed to be VO2Max training on the track at CDM. But, finals week is coming up for my son, a Freshman at UC Irvine. I came home to him stressed out about his computer programming class. I spent the afternoon and evening going over program flow, control structures, selection structures and repetition structures with him. They are using a language called Python (probably because it's open source and the school doesn't have to worry about licensing) instead of a "real" language like C#. As is normal in these type of classes, his professor is spending way too much time on command sets and a lot less time on structure and program flow. I feel for my son....

That means that I need to mash my schedule around somewhat this week. One option is to make today a 45 minute tempo run, tomorrow my interval training, then an easy 4 mile on Friday and long run (this week a 3/1) on Saturday. Two issues here are back to back hard days and I'll end up putting in nine days in a row before a rest day. My other option is to just let yesterday go, get two rest days this week and change my scheduled tempo run from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Doing the latter still gives me a 30 mile week and provides a *little* extra rest. The more I think about this the better it is sounding! All in favor? The ayes have it!

On another note, I'm back to tracking calorie intake. I'm using a new tool over at The jury is still out, but last week's results were good. The interface is a little more time consuming than SparkPeople, but I think that fitday does a better job at predicting calorie burn. I'll take some time this weekend and provide a brief synopsis of fitday.

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