Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Hip Thing....

It's been exactly *two* days since I last ran. Seems a lot longer than that. I really want to hit the trails. But, this hip thing has me running concerned and a little scared.

I still feel a little discomfort - now more toward my lower back and right quad than deep in the hip and groin areas. I am trying to remember when this all started, but one thing for sure - it got to the point where I couldn't walk after a run. It got particularly bad last week. I did an easy four on Monday and felt pain after the run. Then I did a 7 mile interval workout on a padded track on Tuesday. After that I felt a little discomfort, but no pain. But, the next day I did an easy four miles on the pavement and was in excruciating pain that night! That sent me to the shoe store for my new shoes. I went for a short run on Friday and felt pretty good then. But, after my 10K on Sunday, my hip and right quad were very painful in the evening.

When the pain is there, I feel it in my groin and deep within my right hip. The pain radiates into my right quad, and makes getting up from a sitting or lying position painful. The pain is dull and constant - not sharp or stabbing. It makes walking or going down steps difficult. The thing that has me concerned enough to stop running is that the symptoms are indication of a labrum tear. In most cases, labrum issues are indicated by anterior hip pain, which is exactly what I am experiencing.

Of course, I could just be a hypochondriac too! Labrum tear is the worst case scenario. It could be nothing more than a muscle strain caused by my old broken down shoes (as broken down as 200 miles can make them). Additional symptoms of a labrum tear would be catching or clicking of the joint - none of which I have. Turns out the labrum area is rich in blood flow, so rest often times resolves the problem. Same with a muscle strain. Whatever the problem is, I am eager to make sure it resolves and to not rush back just because I am OCD. I guess I'll need to give up my prize money (rolling eyes).

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