Thursday, December 18, 2008

Surprised Myself!

As I sit here doing my morning blog and Runner's World forum thing, I started thinking that it would be interesting to see how many miles I have run this year. I opened up SportTracks, and created a report. Wow!

That's right - 947 miles! Considering that I was down for two months after my cycling accident and taking a week off here and there for business travel, I am 53 miles short of 1000! I was more shocked than surprised!

This morning my hip is pain free and there is no discomfort. I am hoping that this continues for a few more days so I can get that extra 53 miles in before the end of the year!

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  1. Hi Glenn! I noticed you are a Newport Beach runner! I grew up, just up the hill in Costa Mesa, so Newport was my stomping grounds. I am actually headed there to visit Mom for Christmas. Hope the rain has stopped! Will try to get a few miles in on the Santa Ana Riverbed trail!

    I was thinking about your hip... I know you may have heard this before and some people just don't agree, but have you looked into orthotics? Any small error in how your foot hits the ground can translate into geometry problems up the leg: ankle, knee, hip... And for me, nothing is a problem until I run high miles - like 10+. After 2 rounds I finally got a great pair of orthotics that have changed my life. No more pains! Then you just get yourself a real cushiony Neutral shoe and away you go! Anyway, I am very happy and as a Biomedical Engineer by training, I can appreciate what is going on when you add the orthotic profile to your foot strike. Check out the webpage for mine: They have been in the biz for 30 years and that experience was WAY BETTER than the Podiatrist experience I had prior. (Sent the orthotics back - they tore my feet up as they were rigid instead of flexible).

    Good luck! I hope you feel better fast! And I may see you at the OC Marathon - not sure if I will go 1/2 or whole yet, but I will head over there for it! CJ