Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to Four Mile Monday

Did my scheduled four miles yesterday. Goal of the workout was to keep it in the aerobic zone and to be a bit speedier than Sunday's recovery run. I was a little concerned before I started because I was physically pretty tired all day yesterday. I actually toyed with taking a nap around lunch time. I had to force myself out the door as the evening kept dragging on. Final stats - kept it at 79% MHR while upping the pace to a 9:38. Actually felt pretty good throughout the run. This morning I'm a lot less sore than I was after Sunday's short recovery run!

Not much else going on from a running perspective yesterday. I will be heading to the track tonight for some 400 yard intervals. The exact workout will be two mile warm up, 8 X 400 intervals at 5K pace with 400 rest, followed by a one mile warm down. That should total 7 miles. I'm sure I'll be dragging after this one!


  1. nice job on the short and easy run! i hope the intervals flew by today and felt as effortless as monday's run :) hey we can dream right?