Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unscheduled Rest Day

Well, it was cold and wet outside!

Yes. I took a day off. On tap was a recovery run, which while I know is important, is not exactly the most motivating type of run to do. So, link that with cold wet weather and the need for a haircut (for my son as well), and you can guess what happened to the run. So it looks like this week will only be a 26 miles of 30. The four miles isn't really going to make or break me. Plus, did I say it was cold and wet outside?

Tomorrow is my 10K. I am a little apprehensive because my back pain flared up today. My last couple of weeks are the first time that I've felt like I've been able to put together a meaningful streak of miles. But those miles are not specific to a 10K. So, I'm hoping that I'm able to put something together that's at least respectable.

I am especially looking forward to post race. I may have mentioned before that I am a native Los Angeleno. Born and raised here. One of the things that comes with living that long in L.A. is a taste for Mexican food. And on a Sunday morning that means Menudo! (No - not Ricky Martin). Now that I'm down south in Orange County (about 40 miles away), I don't get a chance to grab the great Mexican food I grew up with. So after my race tomorrow I will have a decision to make - La Noche Buena or El Tepeyac. Stay tuned!


  1. Glenn, Sorry you back has flared up! That sucks especially before the Chinatown race tomorrow. I will not be running the race, I picked up a sheep herding training session tomorrow in Phelan at 11am with velcro, so I'm going to the country to hang with sheep!!

    have a great race tomorrow! I wish I was going to finally meet you...but I'm sure there will be a race in the near future!!

    Enjoy your mexican food!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the back. Hopefully it behaved itself during the race and I'm sure you're enjoying the Mexican food, no matter which decision you've made.

  3. Hope you had a great run today!
    my vote would have been for El Tepeyac...brings back memories!

  4. hope the race went well and your back didn't give you any trouble!

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for linking to my blog on your blog! I'm always flattered when I find out someone has been reading mine, I hope my posts have been interesting to you.

    Oh, and about recovery runs, I actually don't do them. I just take the day off following my long run. So don't feel too badly about taking the day off.

    I wish I could have your weather, rain included! :-)