Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ramping it Up For Next Week

Not much to write about today. I put in six miles yesterday. Kept it nice and simple and on the easy side. I got to watch a beautiful sunset as I ran along the Lower Back Bay. Things seemed pretty effortless for a change. I slowed myself down several times to stay within the workout's target heart range. When I was done, things ended up better than I was thinking it would - average pace 10:02, average heart rate 147 bpm (79% MHR), which kept me in the middle of the aerobic zone. Based on the way I feel and the effort that I'm putting into workouts these days, that's right where I need to be.

I'm getting ready for my 12 miler around the bay today. This along with my four planned miles tomorrow will put me at 26 miles this week and on track to 32. 5 planned for next week. I'll also get run some intervals on Tuesday Track Day. Plus Tempo Thursday will be back in all it's glory!


  1. Good luck as you ramp up with your training, Glenn.

    We got 4 inches of snow overnight, which made for tough running. I am getting ready for spring!

  2. Glenn nice mileage for the week! Much better than me!!!

  3. nice job running this week, hope the 12 (and 4) went well! next week sounds a little intimidating!