Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a True Californian!

So yesterday I decided to head out and try to get my run in before the skies opened up. I pulled up in my car and got out to get things going. It was 55 degrees, windy and raining. So I did what any other sane Southern Californian would do - headed to the gym and put in six miles on a treadmill! Honestly Easterners and Midwesterners (Jean, Adventure Seeker, Addicted to Pavement, Beach Runner and others), I don't know how you do it. Maybe it's different because you can bundle up and stay dry, but I am honestly in awe. I couldn't handle 55 degrees and a little rain. By the way, what's that little tick mark ("-") you all put in front of the temperature?

As far as the run - pretty easy since it was all inside. I cranked the incline up to a one, and put in 6.1 miles in one hour at an average heart rate of 78% MHR. I was dressed to stay warm outside, not to run inside so ended up a sweaty mess, but I got the miles in.

Oh - I missed yesterday's blog post. I was installing a new development environment on my computer and it was pretty much tied up all morning. Wednesday's run was 4 recovery miles, which I whipped out at 73% MHR. Nothing else Earth shattering about that run.

On tap today is another 4 mile recovery run, followed by a rest day on Saturday.

Finally, Adventure Seeker is having Foto Friday. So, I thought I would post one of me here to join in the fun!

Here's me at the Southern California Half Marathon a month ago:

Here's one of the places I get to run:


  1. Hey, we hit 42 degrees here in Minnesota today...time to break out the shorts! :)

  2. Found your blog through NikeMom's Foto Friday. You Californians are HILARIOUS -- 55 and I'm in shorts and a tshirt :) last week I did my 20 miler in 25* ;). Jealous of where you get to run -- that's beautiful!

  3. 55... and you ran on a tm. i don't live up north or anything but that *is* sad ;-) i am not familiar with that "-" mark either? very strange! at least you're still running though, that's all that counts.

  4. I'm the opposite -- I love running in that kind of weather because it's so rare for here.