Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing Spectacular

About yesterday's run. As planned, it was an easy four miles on the Lower Back Bay and then off to the gym for some stretching and light core work.

Final stats for the run - 4 miles with an average heart rate of 144 (78% MHR). Pace at that HR was a 9:38 mile. The only thing that I found myself doing was starting and stopping (actually speeding up and slowing down) often to catch my breath. I don't know if it was the cold (I know - relative term) or if I'm struggling aerobically, but it was a little annoying to feel like I had to catch my breath even though my heart rate was below 85% of max. I think what I need to do is concentrate more on the slow stuff right now to rebuild my base.

I am eager to get things back in motion. I feel like I've lost quite a bit of aerobic capacity over the past couple of months. Things that seemed pretty easy back in November seem a bit labored these days. I think that now that I'm back on a structured plan, I will start feeling improvement with consistent training.


  1. Yay for getting back to it and starting to find some training consistency again.

  2. glad the run went well. enjoy a few days off and be ready to jump back in on friday!

  3. Slowing down to recover is actually a good thing. It's not like you were pressing it so hard that you had to stop to catch your breath before starting again. Being able to dial it back just enough to recover is a necessary skill and it certainly sounds like you might have even pushed it a little hard for any easy run. So, stick with the slow and build that base. Work on your rhythm and breathing. You'll find your sweet spot eventually.

  4. Great job getting back into training. Having a plan always helps me get back on track...