Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back to a Normal Schedule

Today was the first day back on a normal running schedule. It was my normal easy 3 mile Tuesday. I remember when first starting the training program this was a 45 minute ordeal. These days it's less than half an hour.

I've also fallen into a bit of a rut. During the week, I always seem to work out in the same places. It's driven a great deal by convenience. My youngest son rows at the Newport Aquatic Center every afternoon, so it's convenient for me to run there and then stretch and do some weights afterwards while I wait for him to finish. That's the program today. The only bummer of running at the NAC is that whether I go north or south, there's a large hill that I need to climb to get out of the place. Oh well - I guess I get a little hill work in too.

By the way - does anyone have a good resource for a weight program for runners?

Tomorrow a new workout - repeats. Catch you then!

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