Monday, January 14, 2008

Short Training Session Today

Today is slated to be a short cross training day on my recovery program. So I think I will visit the Newport Aquatic Center and get back on the erg machine.

Erging, or rowing on an indoor rowing machine, is possibly the best aerobic exercise and full body workout that there is. It is purely non-impact and utilizes every major muscle group. The rowing machine that most use is the Model D from Concept 2 (

Most people think that rowing is a matter of upper body pulling the handle as hard as you can. But, in reality, rowing is all about pushing as hard as you can with your legs. There aren't too many rowers that I see with legs that are not as big as oak trees.

So today, I'll strap the iPod on, and row 4 or 5 kilometers. See you later!

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  1. Hello Glenn
    Great to find you on the blog world.
    You came up as "indoor rowing" news on my word alerts. We came up with a few new workouts at the Iron Oarsman. I figured that since I don't have as much time anymore to train long hours, I needed to push harder, during my workouts. You can see a couple of the workouts on our website under the schedule page.
    I am going to sign up to get your latest news from your blog.
    All the best,