Saturday, January 12, 2008

El Moro Canyon

Today was a 3 mile easy run on the recovery program. So I laced up my trail shoes and headed over to one of my favorite places to run - El Moro Canyon. El Moro is a beautiful canyon on the inland side of Pacific Coast Highway on the border of Laguna Beach and Corona del Mar. It is part of Crystal Cove State Park.

I realize how lucky I am to be in Southern California. There are many places to run and the weather is always decent. But, sometimes I just want to run off the pavement and away from traffic. El Moro is one of my favorite places to do that.

Today's run was three miles (an out and back) in the lower canyon. Unfortunately, the majestic part of the canyon is back a little more than 3 miles back, so I didn't get among the oaks and sycamores. But the rolling fog banks, mist, smells and sights made it a good break from the bicycle trails and traffic of my normal runs.

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