Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Tempo Run Since the Half

Today was my first tempo run since the half marathon a couple of weeks ago. For those not familiar with a tempo run, it is a training cycle where you take the amount of time you are supposed to run and split it into thirds. The first third is an easy run. The second third is at some prescribed pace faster than the first third, and the final third at an easy warm down pace. I am still learning, but my understanding is that a tempo run is supposed to assist building anaerobic threshold(lactate threshold). If so, then I need to pick up my second third.

Today's run was a 30 minute tempo run, with the second third at my half marathon pace. I picked it up a little during the middle third. And - something seems to be working. I checked my training log and found the last time I did a 30 minute tempo run, I was only able to go about 2.5 miles. Today, I managed to make it over 3 miles (3.15) without really pushing too hard. Whew!

Also, I went out Friday night and got a book that I am going to start reading - Hal Higdon's Marathon book. I'll give some reports as I get going with the book.


  1. Spotted your post on the Training Peaks website with regards to Vista and the Garmin Training center... I got around the problem by running the app as administrator. (Right click on the shortcut and "Run as Admin") Good luck with the running!

  2. Devmansteve:

    Thanks! That did the trick!