Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yesterday's Blog

Sorry. I did say I was going to blog yesterday. But, I had a rare chance to go out to dinner with my wife (and no one else), so I took advantage of the situation and enjoyed some great conversation and good food.

We decided to go to a restaurant that we like, but don't get a chance to get to because it usually gets poo poo'ed by our kids. The restaurant is called The Bamboo Bistro and is located in Corona del Mar. It is an Americanized Thai-Vietnamese restaurant. If you are looking for authentic Thai or Vietnamese food, this isn't your place. I think the best way to categorize the food is "California style" Vietnamese and Thai food. The flavors are what you would expect, but the menu makes extensive use of vegetables, white meat chicken, lean beef, and seafood for some unique appetizers and entrees. For example, they have a vegetable crepe that is absolutely fantastic! It is a GIGANTIC crepe, filled with fresh mushrooms, bean sprouts and shrimp. The crepe is garnished with fresh vegetables (lettuce leaves, mint, herbs) and comes with a lemon grass dressing/dip on the side. It is absolutely fantastic!

My wife finished off with a chicken pho made with slices of lean white chicken, and I had a tofu salad, tofu browned in a garlic sauce and served on a bed of greens with a lemon grass dressing. What a way to finish off a week!

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