Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello World!

Well - that's how us computer guys learned how to program. It doesn't matter what language you are learning, "Hello World" is always your first program.

This is my first time in the blog world, so I thought that I would start with my own "Hello World". So there - "Hello World".

I will be making this my daily diary of, as the blog title says - the Running Fat Guy. I am hoping that eventually I can change the title of the blog - at least that is what I am being led to believe.

So here goes - today was day 2 off day after the OC Half Marathon. I am a lot less sore and stiff than I was yesterday, but I am glad to get the rest. I did retire my old Asics Gel Kayanos today. They were *really* comfortable to start with, but I think my 220 lbs and 200 miles took their toll. For the last couple or three weeks of my half marathon training program I suffered the toll of shin splints. I just think that the midsoles have worn out. So off to my local (actually not so local) running store to try shoes to find a worthy replacement. I had purchased my old shoes at the Costa Mesa Road Runner Sports. They seem to do a good job, but I was a little disappointed at how quickly the shoes wore out, especially since they were the most expensive in the place. So today, I decided I would try out the Fountain Valley Snail's Pace running shop. I got to try out many shoes and settled on a pair of Saucony ProGrid Hurricanes. I'll let you know how these do as I tack on the miles starting in a couple of days.

Well - time for the sack. Tomorrow is another rest day, so tune in for a little about my background and why I am The Running Fat Guy.....

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  1. Glenn,

    Enjoyed reading your first entry. I had some time today so I thought to catch up on some blog reading and to get to know better my online running buddies. lol. I love to have a great cup of coffee too. I ahve recently started to venture off into flavors. I have one of those keurig coffee machines that kick ass. Love it. Thank you for visiting my site and as always..........keep running. And keep the posts coming. I am always interested to see what's coming next.