Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Few Days Off

Well - I'm back after a few days off. Had to take care of some family business up in Sacramento. I was planning on hitting the treadmill one day, and then back the next, but my business got me back to the hotel too late and too exhausted to hit the treadmill Saturday night, and I ended up not coming back home until late Monday.

So, today, back to the trails. Today I did a five mile easy run. I ran one of my least favorite trails - the East side of the Newport Back Bay. I started where Back Bay and East Bluff Rd. intersect, running an out and back south along the bay for 2 and a half miles. Now, to be sure, a lot of people like this trail, but I'm not a big fan of the trail. First, this trail is shared with bikes, runners, walkers, dogs, rollerblades, and cars. Second, it always seems like the wind is blowing. Today, I had a stiff headwind the whole way south. Of course, that means that the wind was to my back after the turnaround, but it is a de-motivator to me when I have the wind in my face for 2o minutes. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm back to repeats. Talk to you then!

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