Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to the Run

Today was back to the run. I hit the trail for 30 minutes and just over 3 miles. I got out a bit later than normal, so weather was an issue today. It was kind of cool and overcast, in fact very foggy in the morning. Temperature was okay, but a stiff cold wind was blowing onshore off the back bay today. This always makes for a chilly run. So, today from my starting point at Irvine Avenue and University, I headed off to the south along the Back Bay trail. This makes for a less interesting run since you end up in a residential neighborhood, but it is less exposed and out of the wind.

I also made pretty good time today, doing 9:48 miles running easy. This is quite an improvement over my 11:30 miles that were the norm not that long ago. I remember how stoked I was to average 9:14 going all out in my first 5K last November!

Back to the ergometer tomorrow. Talk to you then!

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