Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy Day Today

Today was an off day, and I took it. My miles were up last week, but more important is that I had a couple of nagging injuries.

First of, on Monday, I tied my shoe a bit too tight on my left foot. As a result, I have a bruise on the arch of my left foot. The bruise is not visible, and, interestingly enough, it doesn't hurt when I;m in my running shoes and running. But it is painful when I am in any shoe that covers my foot.

Second, last week, I erg'd in my running shoes with my running socks. That was just enough to create a blister on my left Achilles tendon. The blister never popped, and I was able to keep it from getting worse despite two more erg sessions by simply wearing some cotton socks. The additional thickness was just enough to keep my foot from sliding around in my shoe.

I'm looking for this week. One hour of running Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Some rowing on Tuesday and Thursday. Long run (this time 5 miles) on Saturday. Should be fun!

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