Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ready to start week 2

So here I am, ready to start training week 2. Since last week was light, I was going to run today, but I am nursing a sore hamstring, so decided to take it easy and rest. I've made it about half way through the Higdon book, and if there is an overriding theme - it is "rest is good." So I will heed Higdon's advice and take some rest.

Yesterday I was talking about weight loss. The key to my weight loss was tracking my calorie intake. To do so, I used a website called SparkPeople ( Among Sparkpeople's better qualities is that it has a large food database to use when tracking calories. This, along with a drastic change in diet (cutting *way* down on eating out) allowed me the 40 lb loss that I enjoyed.

Since then though, I've put some weight back on. I attribute that to a combination of factors - the largest being not tracking calories any longer. I am going to start again. I am hoping that that, along with an uptick in my running time and distance will provide the kick I need to drop another 20 poinds this year. I'll keep you posted!

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