Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rowing Day!

Today was an off day on the Cal Coast program, so as mentioned yesterday, I opted for a day of cross training. And, my cross training of choice? Indoor rowing of course!

I set up a workout today on an ergometer at the Newport Aquatic Center and went on my merry way. One of the neat things about the Concept 2 rowing machine is its programmable timing computer. The computer allows you to program workouts by distance, workouts by time, etc., etc. - almost an unlimited number of workouts. I programmed a short pyramid - a common type of rowing workout. I did an 11 minute pyramid - up the pyramid at 3 minutes at 18 strokes per minute, 2 minutes at 20 spm, 1 minute at 22 spm, and then back down by going 2 minutes at 20 spm, and then a final 3 minutes at 18 spm. This was followed by a six minute active rest period. This workout was repeated 3 times with a 5 minute warm up session. In total, I rowed 56 minutes, and went 10.2 km. I really enjoy this type of cross training - it really provides a good workout to a bunch of non-running muscles.

Tomorrow it's back to the trails. I'll cheat once again and put in 30 minutes instead of the required 20. Talk to you then!

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