Monday, February 4, 2008

Cold and Wet

Yup - that was yesterday - cold and wet outside. The plan was to do my 90 minute run while my son was rowing. But, we got up at 6AM, looked outside, and then decided that there was no way that he could possibly row on the bay with the rain and wind. A quick text to his coach confirmed his decision - so it was back to bed - for him.

This put me in an interesting position. I am sure that someone from Oregon or Washington would be laughing at me about now, but after looking at the rain, the wind, and the thermometer, I decided that I was much better off with a warm cup of coffee in front of my laptop.

It rained throughout the morning, but did eventually break a little after noon. By then though, the weekend was in full swing. Visit the parents, do our Costco run, cook dinner. Before I knew it, the day was done. I'm glad I'm not training for anything at the moment.

I did get a chance to start on the Higdon book though. I'm through the first three chapters. So far, it's been a little dry reading - mostly about why people run marathons, goals, etc. I'm just starting the chapter that discusses the evolution of marathon training plans. Interesting enough, but nothing specific to training. Hopefully that comes a little later in the book.

There is one thing with the book though - it serves to strike up conversation. I was in a local coffee house Saturday morning reading the book and ejoying a cup of joe. A guy at the table next to me asked me if I was planning on running a marathon. Turns out that he had read the same book and got motivated to run marathons becuase of it. He had even used a Hal Higdon Marathon training progam. In a few minutes, we had a group of 5 people talking about marathons and running in general. All because of my book. Sounds like an opportunity here - single guys??????

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