Friday, July 25, 2008

3 More

Put in another 3 miles yesterday. Nothing eventful on the run. I did the Lower Back Bay trail - and have found another hill to use for hill training! Ah - variety!

Only a couple of things of note. First, my left knee has been sore lately especially when first starting. Once I get a half mile or so in, everything seems to loosen up and starts feeling much better. Second, I've been feeling really tired. I am sure this is related to going from no activity to training six days a week. I'll see how this goes in the coming weeks. I'm watching my diet and have noticed that I am a bit light on the protein side. I'll start eating more protein, especially post workout (protein shake), to see if I'm able to inject some more energy through diet. Finally, I'm feeling some aches and pains, especially in my calves and shins. I looked in my shoes last night and it appears that they are starting to wear out - so I'll keep an eye on that too!

But for now - I'm looking forward to my rest day today!

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