Monday, July 21, 2008

Tempo Run Sunday, Magic Shoe 5K

I started my Sunday with a stiff and sore back, leftover from Saturday's run. It was better than Saturday night, but still uncomfortable. I had decided earlier in the week to volunteer some time for Cal Coast at the Magic Shoe 5K - especially since at this point I've only been back to training for a week and knew I wasn;t going to run. This was a neat little race - about 500 or so runners, and kind of unique for a 5K - chip timed! The course was flat, and based on what I saw, it looks like a lot of PRs were set! In fact, the top time was a sub 14:00 (13:56 or something ridiculous like that).

I followed up my brief stint there with my first tempo run since starting the new training plan. Did a 30 minute run in Crystal Cove. I had to start out slow because of my back, but after about 5 minutes or so, my back loosened up and I was able to get my pace down to an 8:42 toward the end of mile 2.

Today, I'm still a little stiff - especially my lower back. It's uncomfortable to bend down and to get up from a chair, but other than that I feel pretty good. In fact, the knee pain I've been having for the last week seems to be resolving as well. I'm looking forward to a new week of running!

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