Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Short Run Day (Again)

Yes - it was three mile Monday. The run was supposed to be followed by some strength work, so I decided that I would run from the Newport Aquatic Center. I took off to the south, which meant that I had to climb the "Hill". Turns out that the "Hill" can also be used for my hill runs, since it is a quarter mile long! I now have three hills for Hill Day Wednesdays.

It was very pleasant yesterday. I ended up running the bluff above the bay at Castaways on my short out and back. I then hit the weight room at the NAC for my normal stretching and core workout. It seems that I'm starting to see some results - my times are coming down (my easy run yesterday seemed to be easy at a 9:30 pace) and my core workouts are getting easier. Now I just need to drop the pounds that I put on the past couple of weeks. I've been a food magnet since starting my running again. My body must be trying to tell me something....

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