Monday, July 28, 2008

New Shoes

I broke down yesterday and got some new shoes. Stayed with the tried and true Asics Gel Kayanos. The results were pretty immediate. No lower back pain. The nagging pain in my calves and shins is gone.

This morning I am a little stiff from my workout yesterday. Yesterday was the first fartlek workout that I have done running. My pace varied widely, as fast as 6:30 per mile and as slow as 12:00 per mile. I tried to run fast a quarter a mile at a time, but by the time things were wrapping up, I was lucky to get a tenth of a mile in without blowing up. But - that's okay. To be honest - this was one of the quickest 33 minutes I've done. It really did not seem like 33 minutes had passed.

Today I'll keep it easy for 3 miles followed by some strength (core) work....

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