Saturday, July 5, 2008

An El Moro Hike

As I get ready to start running again, I am trying to do some work to get back into shape (or at least maintain what I had). I had originally thought about taking another trek up Baldy today, but with gas at $4.50 a gallon, I wasn't sure that I wanted to drive an hour each direction again. The decision was made when I woke up nice and refreshed, and at 7 AM. To leave for Baldy would have meant that I wouldn't get started until close to 9 and probably have to face the heat of the day. So, I wandered down the coast to El Moro canyon and put in a loop hike there.

I hit the trail at 7:45 AM, and decided to climb the BFI and do Moro Ridge. Normally I jog this route, but I am still recovering from my cycling accident, so I hoisted my Cambelback hydration pack, put on the hiking boots, and tried to keep the pace brisk. In total, I went 9.6 miles today in just under 3 hours, so I did manage to keep my pace a little better than a walk.

The other thing I did today was manage to snap a couple of pictures of El Moro Canyon. This place is literally an oasis in an area that is overrun by expensive homes. I am glad that this gem has been set aside for everyone to enjoy.

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