Friday, September 5, 2008

Exhausted Today

Yesterday's "easy" workout has done it. I sit here Friday morning a little sore and really fatigued. I need to make it through the day and then hit the sack early tonight.

Speaking of yesterday's work out - 3 mile easy run followed by stretching and core workout in the weight room. I was surprised (and I must admit - pleased) when I was analyzing my workout this morning. My average pace was 9:37! Wow! I am especially pleased that I got those results without a great deal of perceived exertion )although right now my body is telling me otherwise). In fact, reviewing the heart rate details, I had an average heart rate of 149 - pretty consistent with my other 3 mile runs.

Today is a day off - and I need it. Saturday I'm going to concentrate on slower instead of faster. The plan calls for 8 miles. It would be interesting to see how slow I can go!

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